Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Life after STPM...

Well, i finished my STPM exam bout two week ago i guess. It's really kinda relieve as it really burdened me so much. I'm really so worried bout my result but there's nothing can do with it. So i guess i'll try hard to not worry bout it.

After STPM, i actually enjoyed my life so much. It's really a wonderful life yet it's so boring sometimes. Went out with many frens in the past two weeks. It's so fun n so memorable. hehe... I din start to find any job but still thinking wat kinda job should i stick with for 5 months time. Not really interested in selling clothes. Most probably will get myself in restaurant job. Kinda lazy ler. haha... But the most important thing is i have to clean n clear my room n house. Well, my mum will never let us go away without completing this chores. It's kinda killing me ler.

It's christmas day after two days. Can i have two wishes?? I dun need any present but just two wishes. I wish i can...... n i wish i can....... Santa, will u grant me tis wishes. Thx anyway. hehe... N well, i love my life. Thx for everything i'm having.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Well, the day after tomorrow will be the first paper of my STPM exam, it's not tat scaring yest but in a sudden, i felt the fear d. There's so much thing tat i have to learn once i start my exam. First, i have to start to control myself. Cant miss u too much but still will miss u o. Muackx...

I dunno wat will happen after my exam, n even after i took my result next year, i noe it's kinda silly tat i started to think bout all this now but i cant help. I dunno wat will be my result n i scare tat i cant get wat i want. I noe things will change n be different but no matter how hard it is, i will never ever give up. Well, i hope u wont too. If only i have one wish now, i will say i wish to........

I really hope my result wont be too bad. Dun want to let my mum , my honey n everyone down. Especially u honey. I will try my best n do watever i can o. Dun u worry bout me la. hehe... Hope tat when i'm stress out, u will be there to make me feel better. Ok, wanna continue my study d, kinda headache wif the MATH T P2 la. Wish me luck o. Muacxk... XOXO

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Am i normal?????

Well, there's a lot of thing inside my head lately. I guess it's because of the stress tat caused by study. Haih.... I've tried not to think too much d but i cant control my brain at all. It's nothing big deal but my mind just cant stop thinking bout the bad thing. It's all my problem. It's really kinda tired n exhausted. I dunno wat is wrong wif me, i'm trying n kept trying but i felt like my head is going to blow up. haha.... But all i now is after a few days i think or maybe after a few hours, i'll be very relax. Is tat the way i distress myself???? If yes , then it's kinda abnormal n so scary. I dunno wat else to do to help myself, feel so helpless. I think i should find some way to distress myself d. Should i do exercise every week??? Will tat help??? All i can do is find way to help myself as i noe there's no one could help me out. I noe they will help but i wanna try to do it myself, see whether can it work. haha....

I always hate myself.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Haha... Din update my blog for almost 3 months d. Another two more months, i'll be sitting STPM d. It's really kinda stress n so scary bcuz it wil be the most important n also the last BIG exam. Trying to put all my attention on this exam n hope tat i can make it. Well, i'll try my best no matter wat. haha...

Many things happened lately, i'm so distracted n so so glad tat finally i can concentrate back to my study. It's kinda hard to do it still but i'm so glad tat when i need someone, my friends will always there for me. If not bcuz of them, i'll not be sitting here i guess. Sometimes i feel bad too for let my friend down bcuz all they said n done was for my own good. Thx to u all. Especially u.(u noe who am i talking bout rite?) No matter wat decision i made, u'll always support me n u noe me so well. haha.... Is like u can read my mind, noe wat im going to do n of course also lazy to bother me bcuz u noe wat will happen again. haha... It's kinda funny really but i'm still glad u'll still be my listener. Love u o. haha....

Sometimes i realised tat life is really so unpredictable, everything happen for a reason n everyone should take the consequences for wat have they done. It's really kinda challenging but yet still scary bcuz u need to face it alone. Maybe someone can face it with u but u'll choose not to bcuz u dun want to bring any burden or problem to anyone even ur love one. When something happen, we'll be afraid of it n dunno how r we going to solve it but actually it's not the end of the world no matter wat had or will happen. I learn something new. When something tat is kinda bad happen, u dun have to panic bcuz most of the problem have solution. When u think twice again, u'll realised tat it's not something bad, in fact is something beautiful. Well, life is really unpredictable so we should let it be, dun be so high expectation for anything n dun be so fed up bcuz of something tat happened.

In the end, i still love my life. Life is so short, cherish everything n everyone around us n life is not just about ourselves. So DUN WORRY, n BE HAPPY. N i wish miracle will happen. Muackxx....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I love TRIP!!!

I'm really so happy, i went to Cameron Highlands last sat n sun, it's really very nice n i'm really so glad. The first day at there was so so cold because it rained quite a few times. The air over there was so fresh n cold, it's really different a lot compare to here. haha.... I love NATURAL n TRIP, seriously.

We went to market once we reached there, nothing to buy but i really do enjoy it a lot because it's not about wat im doing, it's who is the one with me. hehe... At market, he bought me a big strawberry pillow. I'm so so excited n so happy because i get something to hug when i miss him d. haha... I'm kinda surprise too tat he bought it for me. Thx o, i really love it a lot.

After tat, we went to a apartment to check in, it's kinda small especially its living room as we have around 16 person but there's 3 rooms, not so bad though. We put down all of our stuffs n went for lunch. (N this was the worst thing at there) We went to a restaurant as we ordered for rice n 'lauk- pauk'. We've been waiting for almost one hour, it's really sucks as we're all so hungry n i get some gastric because of tat. Stupid restaurant. Btw, it's not delicious at all even though im damn hungry.

After we finished our lunch, some of his relatives went back to apartment while some of us went around Cameron. First place we went was BOH's tea farm. It's really a nice place, the view of its farm was like the scene in the movie. It's GORGEOUS!! We took some pictures over there. N there's a building on the uphills n its design was so special. Although it's a nice visit but it's kinda frustrated because while we're on the way up to the farm, it's really jam like hell as the road was so narrow for two way roads. Anyway, it's nice.

Second place we went were rose garden. OH MY GOSH!! I'm so shocked when i reached there because i dreamed about there every year since my last trip to there when i was standard six. It really have a lot of my childhood memory over there. I still remember the snow white tat i used to play wif it long ago. haha... N i'm so happy tat im there wif him. When i went inside, it really felt so nice, there so many roses n flowers surrounding us n my favourite flower is ROSE. I just love ROSES. Felt like my dreams came true. We took pictures at there too. We walked almost the end but i still cant find the snow white doll. It's kinda disappointed but i found it at the end. I'm so happy. Thx again. U really make my dreams came true. Muakcx...
It's kinda late d so we went back to our apartment d. We faced another traffic problem again while we're going home. We're stuck in a traffic jam almost one hour, we've no idea what it's going on n it's really not a good idea tat we kept stuck at there. So his uncle n his father started to go against the law as they potong cars between the two way roads n so we reached faster. N the main caused of the traffic jam was the night market over there. It's kinda blocking ppl's way lo.

When we reached the apartment, we ate steamboat tat his relative prepared. It was like you drinking a cup of water when you're on a dessert. We're so cold n it warms us so well. hehe...
N when i took bath, it's the best thing ever. I dun feel like coming out because it's really so warm although im taking hot bath. haha... Really damn cold.

The next day, after we done packing everything n everyone has done cleared them up, we went to some places to walk around.We went to market n souvenir shop. After that, we went to a temple. His mother said when she was in love wif his father, they went there d. It's sweet.
There's a stall outside the temple. We bought a pair of ring, his ring was crafted with my name n mine was crafted with his name. I felt so speechless because im so suprise n shocked tat he willing to buy ring. hehe... But unfortunately, i broke mine when i'm home in penang. I felt like wanna killed myself lo. I rather i broke myself. Haih.... Sorry o. I'm really useless.
We went back after our visit to the temple. We went for bean sprout chicken at Ipoh as it was the most famous food in the town.

We reached Penang around 8.15p.m n i reached home bout 8.30p.m lo. I love trip n it's the second trip wif him d. I'm really very lucky n should appreciate what im having d. The thing tat hurt me the most was i broke my ring. ( i waited for so long really, izzit mean something???)
This was my trip to Cameron Highlands. Really thx for everything. Muackx...

Friday, July 10, 2009

My first blog!!

Hihi, i created my own blog finally. Tomorrow i was supposed to go 4 the junior's training camp at sch but i decided to go Cameron Highlands wif you n ur family. Actually i'm quite excited 4 the camp bcuz i know there will be a lot of fun n all my frens r going. I'll miss u all n so sad that there wont be my face on any photo d. Must miss me la u girls... hehe...

Kinda excited to go 4 cameron bcuz i've long time never go there but kinda panic too bcuz tis is the first time i go to a trip wif ur family. I just hope everything will be fine n have fun there. hehe...
Actually it's really a rush decision but i'm really so happy. I'm so happy tat ur mum asked me to go too. Thx o. hehe... Really so excited. (Act i had the thought of going a trip wif u yest, cant believe my wish come true. Thx...)

N bcuz of tat, i finished my physics homework by today d but still cant solve some of the question.
Today mr.koay gave us trigo test, really stupid me. Such an easy question but i dunno n forget everything i've read. Sometimes im really useless la.... haih... I must not do tat again. REMEMBER!!!

STPM is at the corner, pls START ur effort!!! U CAN DO IT N JUST DO IT !!!


My first blog!!