Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Life after STPM...

Well, i finished my STPM exam bout two week ago i guess. It's really kinda relieve as it really burdened me so much. I'm really so worried bout my result but there's nothing can do with it. So i guess i'll try hard to not worry bout it.

After STPM, i actually enjoyed my life so much. It's really a wonderful life yet it's so boring sometimes. Went out with many frens in the past two weeks. It's so fun n so memorable. hehe... I din start to find any job but still thinking wat kinda job should i stick with for 5 months time. Not really interested in selling clothes. Most probably will get myself in restaurant job. Kinda lazy ler. haha... But the most important thing is i have to clean n clear my room n house. Well, my mum will never let us go away without completing this chores. It's kinda killing me ler.

It's christmas day after two days. Can i have two wishes?? I dun need any present but just two wishes. I wish i can...... n i wish i can....... Santa, will u grant me tis wishes. Thx anyway. hehe... N well, i love my life. Thx for everything i'm having.

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